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Douglas the Dachshund Handmade Hanging Felt Decoration

Douglas the Dachshund Handmade Hanging Felt Decoration

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From Felt So Good, Meet Douglas, the dapper dachshund with a flair for fabulousness. With his sleek black coat and long, elegant body, his knitted yellow scarf wrapped around his neck and round wire glasses perched on his nose, Douglas is the epitome of four-legged fashion. By choosing Douglas, you're supporting fair trade practices and ensuring that the artisans behind this fabulous creation receive their well-deserved recognition. Your purchase not only adds a touch of canine chic to your space but also contributes to the preservation of traditional crafts in Nepal. It's a win-win situation for you and the talented individuals who bring Douglas to life.


Type: Hanging decoration

Dimensions: H8cm x W13cm

Material: 100% wool

Manufacturing: Handmade needle felted

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