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I Love This Part - by Tillie Walden

I Love This Part - by Tillie Walden

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Two girls in a small town in the USA kill time together as they try to get through their days at school. They watch videos, share earbuds as they play each other songs and exchange their stories. In the process they form a deep connection and an unexpected relationship begins to develop. In her follow up to the critically acclaimed The End of Summer, Tillie Walden tells the story of a small love that can make you feel like the biggest thing around, and how it's possible to find another person who understands you when you thought no-one could.

  • SBN-13: 9781910395325
  • Author(s): Tillie Walden
  • Subject: Graphic novels
  • Publication Date: 12-10-2017
  • Format: h/b
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