Recycled Grow bag.

Recycled Grow bag.

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Grow bags made from recycled natural fibers mixed with recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfills, these bags are the perfect solution to grow vegetables and herbs on your balcony. They are lightweight, easy to wash, re-usable for 3-4 seasons, semi-degradable.

How does it works? Fill the bag with soil, sow the seeds directly or transplant the young plant. Natural fibers will absorb water and draw water towards the bags from surrounding soil. The porous material allows insulations in the winter cold and summer heat.

Simply the best choice for home growing!

250 g/m2 natural fiber blend

4 liter 15 x 19 cm (w x h) - Suitable for basil, herbs, edible flowers, strawberries

12 liter 25 x 21 cm (w x h) - Suitable for tomatoes, peppers, other vegetables

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