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Do Birth: A Gentle Guide to Labour and Childbirth

Do Birth: A Gentle Guide to Labour and Childbirth

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Whether it's your first, second or fifth baby, most of us approach childbirth with some trepidation. Yet this life-changing event can and should be a positive one. Caroline Flint is a practising midwife and one of the most inspirational figures in the world of childbirth. Over the years she has helped hundreds of women give birth comfortably and confidently. And now she will help you. You can find out how to: make preparations if you choose to have your baby at home; help labour progress smoothly; make a hospital birth more homely and enjoy the first hours, days and weeks with your newborn. Having a baby is one of life's most exciting adventures. So embrace it.

Print Length - 96 Pages

Language - English

Author - Caroline Flint

Publisher - The Do Book Co

ISBN - 9781907974038

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