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Do Death: For a Life Better Lived

Do Death: For a Life Better Lived

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‘Most people spend their whole lives asleep and then wake up a few days before they’re about to die.’– Olivia Bareham, Sacred Crossings

Death has a 100 per cent success rate. We can’t escape its inevitability, nor can we deny its existence. So, when someone close to us dies or we are confronted by our own mortality, why are we utterly unprepared?

In Do Death, social activist Amanda Blainey seeks to transform our lives through our relationship with death. By inviting us to accept death as a natural part of life, she encourages us to think about what really matters – and live more consciously. With uplifting wisdom from leaders and visionaries, Do Death will:

  • Help us rediscover the power of human connection
  • Inspire us to think and talk about death more openly
  • Offer sage advice on how to navigate grief, and talk to children
  • Empower us to be better prepared, both practically and emotionally

Death can be our greatest teacher. This book is a manual for living, at any stage in life.

Print Length - 120 Pages

Language - English

Author - Amanda Blainey

Publisher - The Do Book Co

ISBN - 9781907974670

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