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Lorien Stern

Little Garden Rug

Little Garden Rug

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Little Garden Rug

80% Wool 20% Cotton

Original design by Lorien Stern

Approximately 31 inches x 19 inches

3/4 inch thick. If buying to go in front of an opening door, make sure your door can clear it. Securing your rug down with rug tape can help it stay in place.

Rugs are hand tufted and dyed, so slight variations in design and color may occur.

Colors may appear slightly different from your monitor screen.

Made in India

Wash care for rug:

* spot clean spills with a mild soap/detergent or water and vinegar mixture. Folex is a good spot cleaning product made specifically for rugs, carpets and upholstery. Blot dry with rag or paper towel

* ok to vacuum

* do not use heavy detergents or bleach

* do not dry clean

* do not soak the rug or let the rug remain wet

* do not machine wash

* for large spills or stains, consult a rug cleaning professional

* wool carpets experience fiber shedding for the initial few weeks. This is normal and decrease after some time

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