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London Shopfronts

London Shopfronts

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London has some of the most stylish shopfronts in the world. From centuries old to brilliantly new, a stroll down any of the capital high streets provides a glorious miscellany of history and design. For shops are no longer just somewhere we buy things  you can do that virtually, these days  but places we gather inspiration, browse for creativity and happen upon special objects. This compendium of London 100 most interesting stores, restaurants and cafes pairs original photography with insights into the sites past lives and the artistic thinking behind their distinct exteriors and unique signage, as well as insider tips on exactly when and why to visit now.

- Print Length: 288 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Emma J Page, Rachael Smith

- Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press

- ISBN: 9781914314025

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