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Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat - Standard

Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat - Standard

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"As it should be for a cat, I have 9 lives. The coin I carry with me stands for "SEN MAN RYOU", that means 10 million gold pieces for you. No matter how, as a talisman I bring you 100% luck. Also suitable for allergy-cats-sufferer !!"

Donkey Products Lucky Cat's have become a staple of our shelves in store. We love them and think they add so much to a space that you will too! With their animated arm (throwing all that luck around!) and unique colours, they really catch your eyes. Which means they look amazing on a mantelpiece, shelf, bookcase or just nestled amongst your plants.  With various colour options, each with unique meaning, they make perfect good luck gifts that can be really well tailored for that specific someone!

Material: Plastic

Size: approx. 15 x 10,5 cm 

Weight: 105 g

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