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Press Enter To Continue - by Ana Galvan

Press Enter To Continue - by Ana Galvan

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Spanish cartoonist Ana Galvan charts an often-psychedelic and existential course for modernity in her English language debut, utilising swathes of electric and florescent colours to create a series of short stories that intertwine and exoplore the dehumanising effects of contemporary society. Like a candy-coloured collection of Black Mirror episodes, Galvan's world, set in the very near-future, is familiar and cautionary at once. Galvan's unwitting and addictive characters navigate a world of iridescent pastels and geometric energy like puppets. Departments of inhumane resources dehumanise the people it is purported to protect; information is determinedly mined like the gold of the 21st century that it is induced suicidal thoughts are a tool to manage overpopulation. Galvan's near future is less paranoid dystopia than it is a logical extension of things to come, where the malice of large corporations manifests in small, everyday ways - real if a bit surreal at the same time.

Print Length - 100 Pages

Language - English

Publisher - Fantagraphics

ISBN - 9781683962168

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