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SHUCK Issue 1 - The Dark

SHUCK Issue 1 - The Dark

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SHUCK is about sharing Norfolk’s wonderful folkloric heritage and how it sits within the wider British folklore story. Shuck wanted to make a zine which shared the stories we loved, but that would also be of interest to people outside Norfolk (apparently they exist, we’ve seen pictures at Magic Lantern shows).

To do this they decided to include traditions, superstitions and witchcraft which, although practiced in Norfolk, are not exclusive to the county. We also wanted to include some practical elements so people can explore these traditions themselves – there’s a definite element of DIY with this zine: hold your own Dumb Supper, bake your own Soul Cakes, divine your own future, try candle magic, dress up a cunning woman paper doll…you know, all the standard craft magazine stuff.

And then there are lots of long reads for colder nights: Shucks dark materials, if you like. Has it been stressed enough that this is not just a Norfolk zine for Norfolk people? It really isn’t: it’s just got a Norfolk flavour because, as is about to be officially confirmed, they are working from the UK’s Centre of Weird.

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