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SHUCK Issue 2 - Love

SHUCK Issue 2 - Love

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SHUCK issue 2 is the love issue. Articles include a feature about Norfolk's very own Jack Valentine (and his mischievous counterpart Snatch Valentine), some classic Norfolk ghost stories, a love spell, a divination board, the story of St Agnes and a Black Shuck paper doll.

SHUCK is about sharing Norfolk’s wonderful folkloric heritage and how it sits within the wider British folklore story. We wanted to make a zine which shared the stories we loved, but that would also be of interest to people outside Norfolk (apparently they exist, we’ve seen pictures at Magic Lantern shows).

To do this we decide to include traditions, superstitions and witchcraft which, although practiced in Norfolk, are not exclusive to the county. We also wanted to include some practical elements so people can explore these traditions themselves – there’s a definite element of DIY with this zine.
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