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The Garden Apothecary

The Garden Apothecary

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Learn how to make the most of your common garden plants like the herbalists of the past

Unlock the sustainable and ethical art of the apothecarist, and explore its rich folklore and history. Discover the hidden delights in your own garden and how to use them to make delicious edible treats, herbal cures and restorative beauty products. With photographs to help you safely identify edible plants and tips on how best to prepare and preserve your finds, this is the essential guide to enjoying the home-grown riches of your garden.

Enjoy the therapeutic delights of the plants to be found in your own garden with easy-to-follow recipes.

– Heal dry hands with calendula balm
– Encourage restful sleep with cherry moon milk
– Get creative with a vivid blue ink made from cornflowers
– Try a borage infusion for tired eyes
– Soothe itchy skin with herbal bath tea
– Bake a delicious nettle and lemon sponge cake
– Freshen up with a rosemary mouthwash
– Enjoy a cool glass of red clover lemonade
And much more!
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