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Wild and Sweet: How to Forage Your Own Dessert

Wild and Sweet: How to Forage Your Own Dessert

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Whether you're in the countryside or the city, there are all sorts of delicious plants growing around you - just waiting to be found and picked. This new cookbook by foraging expert Rachel Lambert combines two of her favourite things: wild plants and sugar. Her recipes take you through the seasons, introducing you to the bounty out there to discover - from blackberries, sloes and elderflowers to yarrow, sorrel and even Japanese knotweed. Including jams, ice creams, cookies, cakes, cordials and more, this is a seriously sweet collection of wildly tasty desserts.

- Print Length: 272 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Rachel Lambert

- Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press

- ISBN: 9781914314155

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